Sensofar Apex 非球面量測儀

PLu apex能夠測量任何非球面光學表面,它的創新設計來源於sensofar的核心技術聚焦輪廓的基礎上,允許非接觸和高精度測量。

Lu apex is an 3D optical profiler capable of measuring any optical surface from aspheric to flat or free-form. This is especially helpful when measuring optics. Its innovative design, based on Sensofar's unique Tracking technology allows non-contact high precision fast measurement up to 1 mm/s. 

PLu apex is equipped with a high-precision XY crossed-roller bearings stage and powerful aspheric curve analysis software as well as a fast, easy to use sample alignment technology.

Apex is able to meet the most demanding metrology requirements for large samples with an XY measurement range up to 100x100 mm, up to 50 mm Z measurement range and up to 65º slope angle.

Non-contact metrology plays a key role in aspheric and free-form optics manufacturing industries. This holds true for molded optics applications of Blu-ray and DVD lenses, smartphone and tablet camera lenses,optical fiberconnector lenses and contact and intraocular lenses. It is especially critical for machined optics applications such as astronomical instrumentation, digital cameras and projector lenses and photolithography.

3d aspheric measurement


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