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    About Lin Trading Co., LTD.


    Established in 1946, Lin was the first company selling instrument in Taiwan. We bring in the most 

    advanced equipment in different period of time.  It is our honor to participate and witness the 

    Taiwan Land reform, the 10 Major Construction Projects and the transition from an agricultural 

    society to an industrial society, then become an important place of high-tech development.


    In 1980s, the semiconductor industry was glowing fast for decade’s years in Taiwan. Lin devote to 

    import the first class instrument and provide the best measuring tools and imaging solution to 

    varies industries. Our service contains Landing Construction, Biology and Scientific, Light and 

    Heavy industry, Creature and Medical studies, Semiconductor Industry, Electronic images of consumer 

    products in every field. 


    Our customers in the measuring area contain in Semiconductor Industry, Electronics industry, Motor 

    and Automotive industry, Mold Machine industry, Light and Heavy industry, Oil industry and Aerospace 

    industry. For the requirement of quality checking technology, we help customers improving their 

    manufacturing ability and encouraging economic growth by helping the manufacturing industries 



    The company is very familiar with customer in the field of Space measuring aspect, Civil 

    engineering, Building Construction, Basic infrastructure, Public transport, Geodesic survey, 

    meteorological phenomena and Earth Science research.


Surveying Instruments

Measuring Instruments

Life Science Instruments

Wafer inspection

Photo Imaging Products

    Our Mission

    Sincerity, Professionalism, Creativity, Efficienty and Service

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