Nikon OST-3200 / 12" Wafer Inspection

The OST-3200 manual ADI is number 1 market share in Taiwan.It is cause by high reliability, low C.O.O and multi-function and user friendly.Suitable for in -line ADI,AEI,AFI,ASI,ACI……,Off-line analyze.


‧Hight through put 150 wafers/hrs
‧Available for OHT/GEM on- line software

‧Available for defect review,EBR, Bevel and edge inspection

‧High resolution wafer surface and backside macro capture function
‧Led wide and line illuminator running cost almost zero
‧2 load port available for FOUP and FOSB
‧Double ULPA system strong guarantee mini environment for class 1
‧Available for wafer OCR ,T7 code,RFID


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