Nikon NWL-200 / 8" 6" Wafer Inspection  

Nikon’s outstanding proprietary technology makes the NWL200 Series the first lineup of wafer loaders for inspection microscopes capable of loading 100μm thin wafers(Bare wafer) . The NWL200 Series achieves highly reliable loading suitable for inspection of next-generation semiconductors.

◎Available for 5"" 6"",8"" wafer inspection by different recipe(5"" Option)
◎Edge-chipping detection With high-precision automatic detection, 
edge defects that cause wafer cracking can be removed promptly(Option)

◎The new wafer-slot buttons on the front panel allow users to select any wafer
from its slot with a single button

◎3 kind macro inspection : wafer surface,wafer backside center and wafer backside periphery

◎The new WIL-LED illumination system enables more uniform illumination over a wider area 
C.O.O. almost zero

◎High reliability
Should an error occur, an error message is displayed on the LCD panel. Even when the power is turned off, the vacuum chuck of the macro inspection mechanism stays on. If a problem occurs, wafers on the loader can be returned to the carrier without the use of tweezers.


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