Nikon AMI-3000/AMI-3300/AMI-3500

The AMI-3000/3300 achieve both high throughput and exceptional detection sensitivity. 
Not only they replace visual macro inspection with automated macro inspection, 
they also offer improved macro inspection accuracy as well as greater inspection quantization and clarity, 
allowing more efficient process management 
Nikon's diffracted light detection system detects pattern variations along the Z-axis, especially focus error and poor coating,with high sensitivity. In addition accuraterecognition of the diffracted light only from the top pattern layer is possible, 
allowing defects in underlying patterns to be discriminated.

‧Detects particles (foreign materials) as small as 20 μm.

‧The entire surface of a wafer can be captured in a single image, achieving 
high throughput of 150 wafers/hour.

‧A unique learning function utilizes AI image processing technology to 
quantify the characteristics of a good wafer, obviating the need to retune
recipes even for large process variations, and ensuring stable inspection results.

‧The versatile automatic recipe creation function allows even inexperienced 
operators to create optimal recipes in a short time.

‧In addition to the Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) function, judgments.
operators can specify their own rework criteria in a recipe in order to automate rework

‧Note: Hole process inspections are also supported.

‧Enabling 55-nanometer Lithography
‧Mounted with a pattern edge roughness(PER)


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