Bernoulli Vacuum End-Effectors

The Bernoulli vacuum end-effectors (mBV series) are designed for back side handling of thin and warped wafers, e.g. for handling from the cassette to the pre-aligner.

Types according to wafer size:

  • 150 mm / 6” (end-effector mBV 150)

  • 200 mm / 8” (end-effector mBV 200)


The Bernoulli vacuum end-effectors use Bernoulli air-flow and vacuum one after the other. For flattening the warped wafer in the cassette a short burst of clean dry air (CDA) or nitrogen is applied to bring the wafer into the right position. Via vacuum the wafer is secured on the end-effector.


  • Wafer sizes: 150 mm (6”), 200 mm (8”)

  • For thin-wafers > 50 µm (2 mil)

  • Warped wafer handling (up to 12 mm warpage)

  • Back side handling

  • Bernoulli airflow and vacuum

  • Automated quick coupling

  • Automated loading and unloading of several mechatronic components

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