The Scanners (mSC series) detect the exact position of 150/200 mm (6"/8") wafers in a cassette (slot allocation, wafer warpage and wafer location).

The cassettes have to be placed manually on the scanner. Detection of customized mechatronic cassettes as well as SEMI standard cassettes with 13 to 25 slots is provided. Several mechatronic end-effectors can be used for loading and unloading of a cassette. All wafers are monitored before and during the whole handling process.

Special customization - mSC 3x:

Our mechatronic handling tools can be equipped with a scanning module which can be loaded with up to three cassettes to be scanned on after the other without cassette changing. This offers a higher performance rate and reduces operator time & effort.


  • Wafer sizes: 150 mm (6") and 200 mm (8")
  • Wafer thickness: > 50 µm (1,97 mil)
  • 3D scan: wafer detection of position and warpage
  • Detection of SEMI standard cassettes and customized mechatronic cassettes
  • Cleanroom class 4 (ISO EN 14 644-1)
  • SEMI standard

Product Images

Scanner mSC 150 with cassette for 6 wafers
Special mechatronic customization: Triple-Scanner mSC 3xmanual loading of mSC 3x, with cassette for 6 wafersSpecial mechatronic customization: Triple-Scanner mSC 3x with cassette for 8 wafers
Product Datasheets

pdf document mechatronic Scanner_1207.pdf


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