Packing Tool mPT 150/200f

The Packing Tool mPT 150/200f is a high-performance machine designed for fully automated transfer of 150 mm (6") and 200 mm (8") wafers on film frames between cassettes and shipping boxes for packing and unpacking.

The mPT 150/200f comes with two independent cassette ports for 6"/8" wafers on film frames, a single-arm-robot, customized frame end-effectors 6"/8" and a packing module containing six stations for shipping boxes and packing material, as well as a touch screen. Optionally it can be equipped with an ionizer.


  • Film frame sizes: for 150 mm (6") and 200 mm (8") wafers
  • Packing and unpacking of film frames
  • Optimized footprint
  • High throughput
  • Customized movement programming to achieve a maximum output
  • Ionizer optional
  • barcode reader for frame ID optional
  • FFU for better cleanroom class optional
  • Cleanroom class 6 (ISO EN 14 644-1)
  • CE certificated
  • SEMI standards compliant
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) optional

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