Top Grip End-Effectors

The top grip end-effectors (mTG series) are designed for chip side handling of thin and warped wafers e.g. for handling from a pre-aligner onto a process chuck or onto an inspection table.

Types according to wafer size:

  • 150 mm / 6” (end-effector mTG 150)
  • 200 mm / 8” (end-effector mTG 200)
  • 300 mm / 12" (end-effector mTG 300)


By using Bernoulli airflow the wafer is only touched at the edge exclusion area at the front side, the process area is safe. They enable direct handling onto a process chuck and do not require lift pins or an aperture for standard vacuum end-effectors.

The 200 mm top grip end-effector comes optional as a ring end-effector which allows the handling of extremely warped wafers.


  • Wafer sizes: 150 mm (6”), 200 mm (8”), 300 mm (12")
  • For thin 6" and 8" wafers:  > 50 µm (1,97 mil)
  • For thin 12" wafers: > 60 µm (2,36 mil)
  • Warped wafer handling (up to 12 mm warpage)
  • Chip side handling
  • Bernoulli airflow and vacuum (edge)
  • Automated quick coupling
  • Automated loading and unloading of several mechatronic components

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