Wafer Sorter mWS 200/300t

The Wafer Sorter mWS 200/300t is designed for sorting, transfering, splitting or (manual) green light visual inspection of 200mm (8”) and 300mm (12”) thin and warped wafers in one machine and can be equipped with up to four cassettes or FOUPs (mixed loading) possible. The mWS 200/300 handles wafers out of a cassette / FOUP onto a pre-aligner, forward onto a visual inspection unit and back into a cassette / FOUP.

The mWS 200/300t comes with four (FOUP) load ports, four adapter palates for 8" cassettes, a dual-arm-robot, two Bernoulli vacuum end-effectors with mapping- & flipping function (compatible for 8" and 12" wafers without end-effector exchange), a pre-aligner and a green light visual inspection module. Optionally it can be equipped with a wafer-ID reader, a RFID reader, a camera for handling area monitoring and an ionizer.



  • Wafer sizes: 200 mm (8”) and 300 mm (12”)
  • Sorting of two wafer sizes in one machine
  • Handling of standard, TAIKO, thin and warped wafers
  • Optimized footprint
  • Highest product and operator safety
  • High throughput (up to 201 wafers/hour)
  • End-effectors with mapping function
  • Wafer flipping function
  • Green light visual inspection via joystick and defect marking on touch panel
  • Wafer-ID reader for barcode, OCR, data matrix code, T7 optional
  • RFID reader for FOUP- / cassette-ID optional
  • SECS/GEM optional
  • Integrated FFU for better cleanroom class optional
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) optional
  • Cleanroom class 5 (ISO EN 14 644-1)
  • CE certificated
  • SEMI standards compliant



Product Images

mechatronic Wafer Sorter mWS 200/300t for 8
Green light visual inspection unit of mWS 200/300t with joystick, touch panel (connected with monitor) and optional with keyboard    mWS 200/300t inside - with pre-aligner for 8   4 load ports for FOUPs (12  

Product Datasheets

pdf document mechatronic Wafer Sorter 200_300_V1.0_2012.pdf


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