Wafer Loader mWL 150/200t

The Wafer Loader mWL 150/200t is designed for fully automated loading and unloading of 150/200 mm (6"/8") thin-wafers from cassettes onto an external chuck for visual inspection. 

The mWL 150/200t comes with a dual-arm-robot (with flip box optional), a combination of Bernoulli vacuum- and top grip end-effectors, two cassette stations with scanners, a pre-aligner, an end-effector change station, a transfer station (for storing a wafer while taking a different end-effector for further process) incl. an end-effector cleaner, as well as a touch screen. Optionally it can individually be equipped with a wafer flipping function and a customized external chuck.

The adaptation to OEM tools according to customer requirements is possible.


  • Wafer sizes: 150 mm (6") and 200 mm (8")
  • Handling of two wafer sizes in one machine
  • Loading and unloading of a chuck
  • Handling of e.g. thin-wafers > 50 µm (1,97 mil)
  • Handling of warped wafers
  • Chip side and back side handling
  • Optimized footprint
  • Flip box optional
  • Automated end-effector change after wafer size change
  • Automated end-effector cleaning after end-effector change
  • OCR reader for wafer ID optional
  • FFU for better cleanroom class optional
  • Cleanroom class 5 (ISO EN 14 644-1)
  • CE certificated
  • SEMI standard compliant
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) optional

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