Nikon XT V 160 NF

X-Ray 終極缺陷檢查系統 XT V 16 NF


Nikon全新XT V160 NF領導全球設計最小成像解析<0.1um,


◎Through Silicon Via (TSV) filling and voids
◎Cu-pillar and micro-bump cold joint detection and void analysis
◎BGA voids, size measurements, cold joint and head-in-pillow detection
◎Bond wire analysis: ball bond, broken wire, wire sweep, stitch bond
◎QFN/QFP inspection incl. pad array analysis

Main Specification

Main body XT V 160 NF open tube Nanofocus
kV range 30-160kV
Max. beam current 600μA
Max. tube power 20W
Min. spot size 0.3μm
Min. feature recognition < 0.1μm up to 6W tube power
Geometric magnification up to 2,400x
Detector 3M pixel 26 fps
Max. inspection area  510mm x 510mm
Max. board size 580mm x 580mm
Cabinet size W: 1,819mm (excl. operator console) H: 1,998mm D: 1,728mm
Vibration isolation Anti-vibration mounts (standard)
X-ray safety 1μSv/hr (to IRR 99)


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