Surveying Instrument Department
    Surveying Instrument Department has been the most historical instrument department of Lin Trading.

    Founded in 1946, we have been the professional dealer of Nikon, USA Spectra Precision and other

    leading surveying brands and keep on cultivating professional surveying instrument field. We offer

    customers best promise of great experience and excellent technical ability.

    Over the last 6 decades, we have been introducing in varieties of measuring machines and bonded

    closely with reformation and constructions of different levels of Taiwan development. Our products

    provide great participation and contribution in constructions like land reformation, 6-year national

    construction, along with aerospace, forest, tunnel, and reservoir projects.

    Our customer base includes national level units like Academia Sinica, country governments of land,

    Forestry Bureau, Geological Survey, CWB, National Mapping Center, etc. Moreover, the market share

    over 60% also represents the trust and support from customers.


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