Measuring Instruments
    The Measuring department provides great professional, high precision, and micro-size geometry measuring

    instruments and owes a service team. We have the widest range of network in Taiwan in our field.

    Brands: Nikon, Media Cybernetics, Cores etc.

    Products: Metallurgical Microscope, Measuring Microscope, Profile Projector, CNC Measuring system,

    interferometers, confocal laser scanning microscope, X-ray inspection machine, scanning electron

    microscope, aspheric optical profiler,etc.

    Our products not only meet current needs but also future customer requirements.  The magnification of our

    products can range from 1x to 60000x or from micrometer to nanometer.

    Our customers come from various manufacturing industry, such as Semiconductors, PCB, Connectors, MEMS,

    Aerospace Industry, Optical Lenses Components, and Mold etc. We have testified the upgrade of industry and

    economic achievement with those who are in the same trade.


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