Life Science Instruments
    Lin trading is exclusive agency of Nikon biology microscopes and high-quality image systems. For decades,

    Nikon microscopes have been the most trusted tools for many professionals to help diagnose in health

    care facilities inspection, pathology, maternity, oncology and other clinical units, while both basic

    types and research grade microscopes also assisted numerous graduate students and teachers to complete

    the research papers.

    In recent years, we keep developing the leading of biomedical systems.

    For example, Living Cell Incubation system, Super-resolution Microscope, Multi-Photon confocal, Desktop

    SEM, Desktop Slide Scanner, Motorized Stereo Microscope and High Sensitively EMCCD etc., to provide the

    most completely application of research areas.

    Not only sophisticated equipments, we also put lots of efforts on training our application of technical

    staff for product education training, and routine maintenance training. Hope to bring customers perfectly

    satisfaction, not just with hardware also with the after-sales service.


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