Wafer inspection
    The semiconductor department was established in 1986,. We have witnessed the success of Taiwan economy

    with some major companies of Hsinchu Science park for more than 2 decades. We have great experiences

    in wafer inspection system of semiconductor. From earliest 4"、5"、6"、8",and 12" wafer to the new

    generation of 18" wafer inspection system. We are the most suitable counterpart for the manufactures

    of semiconductor due to the spirit of professionalism, integrity and best service.

    Starting from the front end of ADI、AEI、ASI as well as engineer's analysis to back end of OQA、testing、

    packing,and everything are all included in our service range. We lunched OST-3200 / AMI3500 / WES-3000

    / VMRC4540 / Ai-3000 for our front end customer and OST-3100 / OST-3000 / NWL860 / NWL200 for our back

    end customer which provides completed inspection service for the front end and back end customers.

    Our branches are in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan where the immediate, accurate and rapid service is o


    By providing the best after sales service and high quality equipment, we will be your best partner when

    you are looking for inspection systems of semiconductor.


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