Photo Imaging Products
    Imaging Department started as the exclusive distributor of Nikon Digital Camera, Scanner and Binoculars.

    We have strong dealer channels including photo specialist shops, organized chain stores, IT mall, Internet

    Online platforms like PChome online and Yahoo shopping.

    As time goes by, we keep finding new and interesting technology products for our sales channels.

    We have more than 350 selling points covering imaging channels in Taiwan.

    In order to provide the soonest and most convenient service to the clients, there are total 3 service

    centers in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.

    We also have offices and operating teams in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung which can execute sales and

    marketing activities efficiently.

    From 2009, we set our 1st flagship store, Tunes and Images, in Taipei which is combined Nikon and Apple

    Products to provide the best image and audio solution.

    In 2015, we bring new technology, UAV to our sales channels.

    We are the exclusive distributor for the below items in Taiwan which are covered several segments.

    *Digital Imaging Product 

        .Nikon DSLR

        .Nikon 1 Mirrorless Camera

        .Nikon Coolpix

        .Nikkor Lens

        .1 Nikkor Lens

        .Tamrac Camera Bag (GuraGear)

        .Polaroid Instant Camera

    *Action Camera

        .Polaroid Cube

        .Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

    *Outdoor Activities

        .Nikon Binocular

        .Nikon Laser Rangefinder


        .Ghost Drone (Ehang)

        .Minivet Drone (Wingsland)


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